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Q? Do you help with or provide funding?

The DBA does not provide grants, awards, gifts, or loans.

Q? Will the DBA help me write my business plan.

No. We do not write or help write business plans, but we do offer workshops on how to quickly and easily evaluate and draft a winning business plan document. (See membership Benefits.)

Q? Can you help me with a résumé or find a job?

Sorry, we are exclusively an entrepreneurial program.

Q? Can the DBA help me market my business?

Yes and No. Guidance and suggestions offered through our membership program, and in many of our educational presentations.

Q? Can you refer others from the DBA database?

No. All information on who we serve is confidential.

Q? Will the DBA promote my information, business, product or need to others?

Yes and No. (See Membership Benefits.

Q? I am an inventor. Will you sign a non-disclosure agreement/document?

No. It’s your responsibility to protect any intellectual properties, concepts, ideas, or innovations.

Q? I am the parent of a young adult with a disability. Can you help me?

Yes and No. Send us an email with details about your goals and expectations, along with information about your child.

Q? Will you help me with vocational rehabilitation?

Yes, in a mentor or collaboration effort working with you and your vocational rehabilitation counselor.

Q? I prefer to talk on the phone to explain myself better. Can you call me?

Not generally, due to time restraint; all (initial) communications is by email exclusively.

Q? I live in Europe. Can you help me?

Yes and NO, it all depends on what type of assistance you are seeking.

Q? Is there a type of disability where the DBA will not provide assistance?

We provide services to most anyone with a disability, provided the individual is medically stable and able to handle their own legal affairs. For youth and others, their legal guardian/parent must also be involved in services.

Q? Can you provide any sort of certificate or document stating I am a disabled business owner?

Sorry, we are not medically qualified to make such a statement. Ask your doctor to provide such a letter or offer evidence from a government agency.

Q? I am a vocational rehabilitation specialist. Can you help my clients interested in self-employment?

Most definitely YES, if you too are involved with the process. Email us for more information.

Q? How can I become a DBA board member?

Email us your background, along with general information about yourself, affiliations, why you want to be on the board of directors, and what assets or benefits can you bring to the charity and those we serve. You do not need to have a disability or live in San Diego to be a board member.

Q? How many people with disabilities have you helped?

Really don’t know, especially having received thousands of inquiries and requests, conducted hundreds of seminars and workshops, and DBA programs have individually served countless numbers since 1985.

Q? Can I stop by the DBA office, tour your facility, and meet with someone?

Yes/No. As volunteers for the charity and active in business, seldom are we at the office. However, on special occasions – and by appointment only – arrangement to meet may be possible.

Q? I am seeking sub-contractors with disabilities for my business’ procurement and contracting. Will you help me identify qualified bidders with disabilities?

(See Membership & Sponsorship Benefits.)

Q? I have a business and product opportunity I’d like to share with others having disabilities. Can you help me by telling DBA members about it?

See Membership & Sponsorship Benefits.)

Q? I am disabled … what is the best type of business for me to go into?

Great question … and any business will work, depending on “you” (the business’ owner) and your capability, expectations, and reason for going into business.

Q?What percentage of membership fees and donations are spent on services?

Currently, 99% of all revenue received goes directly FOR services. There are no salaries, perks, or other identifiable expenses.

Q?How do I support and sponsor the work the DBA does?

Your tax-deductible donation is most welcome. Other needs identified on our Wish List. Email us at Info@DisabledBusiness.com with your interest to help.

Q? Why do you charge a membership fee? I can’t afford it.

Membership is less than 5% of our annual financial budget; a commitment by those we serve to support the work we do. Membership and affiliation costs are a small part in your investigation and doing business.

Q?Why should I become a DBA member?

Who best to answer your questions about self-employment and business ownership/ management from a first-hand, disability perspective?