Profile – Whom do we serve?

  • The DBA specializes in those having severe and catastrophic medical conditions, both physical and psychological.
  • The DBA serves both military veterans and civilians. On average, 60% of those served are active duty or retired/disabled military veterans, 40% civilian.
  • The DBA serves first-responders with disabilities – police officers, fire fighters, security officers, etc.
  • Ages Served: Depending on the program and services requested, the DBA has served both male and females ranging in age from 4 years of age to 94 years young.
  • Currently, the majority (95%) of those served live within the United States, and approximately 5% live in other countries.
  • Professionals in Vocational Rehabilitation and Career Development nationwide qualify for services/programs.
  • Family Members, Partners, and Associates involved in a venture with a person having a disability have received services.
  • A growing segment requesting DBA services are existing business owners acquiring a life-changing medical condition during their entrepreneurial career.
  • Educators and others seeking to learn more about the enterprising disabled attend many DBA educational presentations.

General Services

“We address those important business questions others are unable or qualified to acknowledge.” — Urban Miyares

Communications: With a focus on education, we prefer to communicate via email almost exclusively – addressing your questions related to self-employment and business ownership.

We welcome all email inquiries and requests; and membership is NOT a requirement. Please do not mail letters, packages, business plans, artwork, works of authorship, samples, or prototypes.


  • We specialize on working in tandem with client’s vocational or other counselor and/or business advisors. The intention for all to become knowledgeable at how someone with a disability can compete and succeed in the able-bodied world of business is crucial for long-term success. This tandem effort – of working with vocational rehabilitation or others has proven to be the most beneficial and successful to all concerned.
  • “The quickest and easiest way for someone with a disability to bridge the unemployment gap is with knowledge and an entrepreneurial mindset.”– Urban Miyares
  • We require all client to be medically stable and in control of and adequately managing their medical challenges.
  • Customized Self-Employment is the methodology, knowing the primary reason many with disabilities fail or cease doing self-employment is due to “selecting the wrong type of business to best meet goals and expectations, and enter the workplace as a business owner or employee.

Services NOT Provided.

In keeping with our IRS Mission and Purpose of education to enhance workplace entry and successful employment outcomes through entrepreneurial activities, we DO NOT provide services in the following:

  • ADA (American’s with Disabilities Act).
  • Social Security Disability Benefits.
  • Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) Benefits.
  • Medical matters.
  • Labor or Housing Matters.
  • Personal Financial Affairs or Needs.
  • Legal Matters.
  • Accounting or Tax Returns.
  • Investments, Loans, or Financing. .
  • Political Opinion, Statements, or Endorsements.
  • Letters of Recommendation or Support.
  • Expert Witness Requests.

Any/all requests for services or conditions not mentioned require the approval of the DBA Board of Directors. (See FAQs.)