As business owners, entrepreneurs, professionals and executives with disabilities, we know first-hand the many unique needs and challenges those with disabilities will experience when exploring, launching and competing in the able-bodied world of business.

Although there are many experienced, educated, and trained individuals, agencies, and organizations providing wonderful self-employment and business advice and guidance, the DBA fills the gap (weak link) of the many unique needs and challenges of individuals with disabilities interested or already in business.

We focus on the individual and ability to meet business demands, based on medical challenges; expertise of others EXCLUSIVELY on the workings of/in business.

“We are non-traditional and must conduct our business affairs in a non-traditional manner to establish competitive performance in the able-bodied business world. – Urban Miyares

Seminars, workshops, and lectures on how best to utilize the self-employment or business ownership option.

Such educational presentations target consumers with disabilities, vocational rehabilitation specialists, career development and employment counselors, educators, and loved ones of the disabled.

Ideal for management, staff, or clients/consumers at in-house training, conferences, trade shows, retreats, and special occasions.

(CRE and/or CEU credits often are available for many DBA educational presentations.)

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  • Disabled Veteran (Customized) Entrepreneur Mentor/Coaching Program.

One-On-One-Coaching [currently] available to severely disabled veterans receiving a service-connected VA disability rating of at least 40%, non-service-connected disabled veterans receiving Social security disability benefits, disabled veterans receiving VA Pension, and disabled veterans enrolled in either VA or their state’s vocational rehabilitation program.

Mentor/Coaching conducted via phone and email, depending on the needs of the disabled veteran and mentor’s availability.

DBA non-formal Membership required.

The DBA Group Mentor Program is in two (2) segments:

  1. Contracted as a regularly scheduled presentation at an agency, organization, association, business, or at the DBA’s San Diego office, or conducted via conference call.
  2. Broadcasted program, available to listeners/viewers nationwide, covering various topics. Recorded presentations posted on the DBA website, social media, or other mediums.

Scheduling a Group Mentorship program is available based upon day & time, location, agreement, and availability of qualified mentor.

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  • Special Kids in Business Program.

To better prepare the next generation of leaders with disabilities, Special Kids In Business is A unique, innovative educational program introducing entrepreneurship to school-aged youth/young adults – ages 12 to 23 years of age – with disabilities. Special Kids in Business targets those with developmental and intellectual challenges, and presented by a role model, business owner, professional or executive with a disability.

Goal: To enhance students’ employment outcomes when adults.

Special Kids in Business is a partnership/collaboration with educational institutions, organizations, and groups serving youth with disabilities.

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Currently only available in San Diego, CA.

  • Challenged America Program (CAP)

Challenged America is a recreational rehabilitation program designed to foster the competitive spirit, introduce new life experiences, build upon teamwork, and enhance good physical and mental health towards successful mainstream outcomes.

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