Please read the IRS’s resource list on donations to charitable causes:

 DBA Current Needs/Wish List

  • Pro-bono consultant able to edit & transfer video and photo history of DBA & programs to current (disk) medium.
  • Fund Development coordinator – grants, bequests, events, etc. (pro bono).
  • Donor and Sponsor Services Coordinator (volunteer)
  • Special Needs Educator to oversee development of Special Kids in Business program. Ideal for retired educator or voc. Rehab. Specialist.
  • Warehouse/storage facility to store DBA donations/supplies/equipment – 100 to 500 sf – in San Diego.
  • Quality offshore sailing vessel – see Challenged America program.

DBA Member Wish List

The following Wish List requests are by members of the DBA and qualify as a charitable (U.S.) tax deduction at 100% of the full, qualified appraisal amount. .

  • Quality wheelchair accessible van.
  • Computer with Windows 10. – 2 requested
  • Passenger (8–12) van in good condition.
  • Class C Motor Home in safe and running condition.

Financial Donations

All financial donations and sponsorship funds are fully tax deductible.

  • Estate > Gift Giving: Don’t forget to include the “Disabled Businesspersons Association” in your living trust, will, and as a beneficiary on your insurance and other assets. A 3%, 5% 10% or greater assures your legacy in helping those less fortunate and challenged.

Levels of Sponsorship (Yearly)

  • $     500 + – Manager’s Club
  • $  1,000+ – Executive’s Club
  • $  5,000 +- Vice-President’s Club
  • $  10,000 + – President’s Club
  • $  25,000 + – Chairperson’s Club
  • $100,000 – Founders Club

Note: Individual DBA programs may have its own Level of Sponsorship.

Gifts of Vessels, Vehicles, Real Estate, Art, and Other Personal Assets.

  • For tangible gifts, the IRS has specific requirements in establishing the “fair market value,” for tax deduction intentions. Consult with your CPA, attorney, and other qualified advisors, and read the appropriate IRS publication at
  • The DBA cannot appraise or provide “fair market value” of any tangible item donated as a charitable gift.

Note:  For donors considering a charitable gift of their vessel, as an example, the DBA is an authorized “user” charity, in its its Challenged America program. Vessel donations received by the DBA may qualify for donor tax write-off inention in the amount of 100% of the qualified appraisal – performed at time of donation.

  • Please make your Financial Donations through PayPal or mail your check to:

Disabled Businesspersons Assn.

6367 Alvarado Court, Suite 350

San Diego, CA 92120

Please include your email address.

IRS Tax-Exempt Number:  33-0484461 (Disabled Businesspersons Association).